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Price per pallet of 72 bags (4,20€ per bag)
Minimum order: 1 pallet

Pellet produced from fir wood, certified ENplus, collected from forests managed in an ethically and ecologically sustainable way.

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Fir wood pellet

The Italian translation of the word "scintilla" is spark. We named it so, because from the very first spark you can feel the heat spreading through your home. A pellet with exceptional energy, capable of releasing a greater amount of heat than normal biomass, while keeping the ash residue low. Selected and processed only from 100% natural fir wood pellets, Scintilla® represents a perfect bio fuel for any type of pellet boiler, offering high performance at low costs. Quality, like all Biom Energy Product pellets, is guaranteed by ENplus certification.

High heating power

High heating power

Low moisture

Low moisture

High density

High density

Low ash residue

Low ash residue

Pellet technical parameters Scintilla®

Weight: 15Kg

Diameter: 6 mm

Length: 3,15< L ≤40mm

Moisture: 6,2%

Ash: 0,4%

Mechanical Durability: 98,6%

Net Calorific Value: 5,3 Kwh/Kg

Bulk Density: 670 Kg/m³

Recommended use: store in a dry place. Use it only in approved and appropriate combustion systems according to manufacturer’s instructions and according to applicable national regulations.


  • Do not swallow.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Flammable product.
  • Keep away from heat sources.

Package size and weight

Pallet of 72 bags:


120 cm


100 cm

Maximum height

185 cm


10,80 Qt

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