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Advantages of
renewable energies

Renewable energies such as pellets, hazelnut shells and virgin olive stones are a sustainable energy source with a very low environmental impact.

Good, clean,
renewable energy

Renewable energy sources are generated in a relatively short time defined as “human”, unlike non-renewable sources that require a much longer regeneration time, defined as “geological”.

Using renewable energy sources results in a drastic reduction in costs, an increase in the energy efficiency of 20% and a reduction in environmental impact with lower CO2 emissions.

All biomasses generating renewable energy sources – pellets, hazelnut, almond or walnut shells, virgin olive stones- have a single common denominator: they are waste resulting from agro-food processing. However, they are extremely valuable resources, containing energy that can be used in the direct combustion process. By choosing sustainable fuels, you are helping us to improve the quality of your life and look after our planet.


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