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Biom Energy Product

We select the best sustainable energy sources to ensure a better future for our planet.

We have firm roots

Here at Biom Energy Product, we believe in technology but we think that the most important element of all is the human touch.
Every small part of the production process is subjected to strict quality controls, through cutting-edge technologies and the work of our experts, following the environmental regulations in force. This applies both to the choice of suppliers and to the processing of raw materials.


The values of Biom Energy Product are shared by all the people who are part of it. We care about the world and we want to preserve it. We do this by developing a healthy and productive distribution process of biomass as an alternative energy source. For us, energy does not mean exploitation of the Earth, but it represents the concrete action to improve and protect our life and the life of future generations.


The environment benefits from your money saving

We believe that quality does not only concern the performance of a product but that it also takes into account the environment that surrounds us and its respect.
For us, this does not only mean choosing high-performance biomasses but also taking care of the processing and distribution processes, preserving nature, and guaranteeing prices that are accessible to all.


Controlled supply chain

From production to delivery, we at Biom Energy Product carry out constant checks on the supply chain. A decade of experience has allowed us to create a network able to support our partners in all their needs and meet the energy needs of thousands of families.


Our biomass is certified to the highest industry standards, safe for you and your boiler.


We love and defend the environment, and we prove it by respecting the regulations in the field of renewable energy.

Controlled supply chain
Controlled supply chain

We thoroughly control every step of the supply chain to ensure the best for partners and customers.

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Biom Energy Product retailers offer biomass capable quality and safety to thousands of families. Find the nearest store next to you.


Thanks to a solid network you can count on professionalism and convenience. As a Biom Energy Product reseller you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the best certified biomass at convenient prices. Become our partner!