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Pellet selection

Pellet is considered
renewable energy
source with
zero carbon
dioxide emissions.

When it burns, it releases into the atmosphere a quantity of CO2 equal to that absorbed by wood and which would have been released during its natural cycle of decomposition. The environmental impact of this material is therefore zero. Not all types of pellets, however, are equal. For this reason, there are certifications to ensure the quality of the product. Among the most important are ENplus and DINplus.


Pellet: the most ecological of fuels.
Here's how to choose it.

To make sure you choose the best pellet, there are a few guidelines to follow. A quality pellet must be certified. One of the most important European certification bodies is ENplus, which divides pellets into two main categories:

A1 - first category, fine quality.

A2 - second category, medium quality.

In addition to the above categories, it is good to check the 4 main characteristics of pellets: ash residue, heating power, raw material and appearance.

  • The ash residue is the most important parameter: for A1 certified pellets it must be less than 0.7%, for A2 it must be less than 1.2%.
  • The heating power indicated on the label must be the real one. An average quality pellet has a minimum heating power of around 4.6 kWh/kg, a good quality pellet exceeds these standard values. Figures that are around 6.0 kWh/kg are false, be wary of those who offer pellets with a heating power with these values.



  • The raw material is decisive. Legislation requires pellets to be made from decorticated virgin wood that has undergone only mechanical treatments. The type of wood is of relative importance: it can be fir, beech, oak or other.
  • The appearance also offers important indications. The pellets must be compact: looking at the bag there must not be too many crumbled pellet residues.
  • There are also other certifications such as DINplus, which guarantee the quality of the product.

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