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Due to their many advantages, biomasses - pellets, nutshells, virgin olive stones- represent the energy of the future.

the eco-sustainable alternative
to traditional fuels

Among the main sources of renewable energy, biomass is a key component for a greener future. Produced from agricultural waste, biomass combines the benefits of renewable energy with those of a green economy and sustainable development.

Better performance

Thanks to their high heating power, biomasses represent one of the most valid supports for the heating of private and commercial spaces. The result? Less smoke, ash and unpleasant smelling. They also ensure a longer life for your boiler, decreasing the number of maintenance interventions.

Lower environmental impact

Biomasses produce less CO2 than fossil resources, generating very few polluting residues, resulting in an ethical and sustainable choice. Also, they favor the recovery of land through reforestation.

Economic savings

Switching from fossil fuel to a natural one implies not only environmental benefits but also economic ones. Companies and individuals who choose to use biomass as a bio fuel save thousands of euros every year, reducing expenses related to energy supply and maintenance.

Let’s talk about pellet

One of the most popular biomasses is wood pellet, a high-yield fuel obtained by compressing natural sawdust or wood chips.


Wood pellets are a biomass made from natural wood sawdust, meaning that it is free of glue and varnish, obtained from industrial and agricultural waste of various types of wood. The sawdust undergoes an initial drying phase and is then pressed to form small cylinders in order to facilitate the subsequent storage and combustion phases. As they are not chemically treated, pellets do not contain any chemical additives and are able to maintain their cylindrical shape thanks to lignin, a natural substance already present in wood. The pellet is therefore a natural and eco-sustainable material that produces a hot flame with a very high heating power.

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